June 24, 2024


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Is Hailey Bieber’s line worth the hype?

To say that we’ve been admiring Hailey Bieber’s skin from afar for a while now would be an understatement. Mrs Bieb’s really knows how to get the glazed doughnut glow, on her nails and her skin. So, when she launched her namesake brand, Rhode Skin, I for one, was desperate to get my hands on it. The one catch? It was a US exclusive *sigh*. It was taking me back to the days of waiting a whole year for a film to migrate over from the US; I was impatient.

To say there was a lot of hype around it would be another understatement. Before it even launched, the Peptide Glazing Fluid (dubbed the star product in the range by most) had a 100,000 people waiting list. Hail’s really wasn’t messing around.

I’d managed to get my hands on the entire set from the range almost two months ago, when Rhode dropped the news that it would be officially launching in the UK this year.

Here’s everything you need to know about Rhode Skin hitting the UK. Plus, my honest thoughts on trialling all the products for six weeks. Strap yourselves in, people.

Is Rhode Skin launching in the UK?

*Drumroll please*. The answer is, yes. Rhode Skin officially launched in the UK on May 17th 2023. If you haven’t done an order yet, now would be the chance. This stuff flies off the skincare shelves at record speed, so grab it now whilst it’s still in stock.

Where can you buy Rhode Skin?

As in the US, Rhode Skin is exclusive to the rhodeskin.com website and offers free shipping to the UK when you spend over £95.

Speaking of prices…

How much does Rhode Skin cost?

The cheapest product from the range is the brand’s iconic Peptide Lip Treatment, which will set you back £16 and comes in three scents (read: flavours, as you will be licking them off constantly. What? They taste insanely good): watermelon, salted caramel, unscented and their newly-launched vanilla, which tastes like a fancy birthday cake from an East London bakery (if you know, you know).

The famous Peptide Glazing Fluid (AKA, a doughnut glaze in a bottle), the Barrier Restore Cream and the newest Glazing Milk all come in at £29, while the entire kit is priced at £95.

My review of Rhode Skin

As previously mentioned, I managed to get my grubby little mitts on some samples almost two months ago, and in the name of beauty, have been trying the entire range out diligently everyday (often twice a day) over the course of six weeks (you can thank me later).

Spoiler: I really wouldn’t skip on any of them, but here’s my review breakdown of each product:

Rhode Skin Glazing Milk, £29

The newest edition of the Rhode family is this lightweight essence. Its intent is to be used after cleansing to hydrate and prep skin before serum application. As with the rest of the brand, this is jam-packed with ceramides, as well as magnesium, zinc and a copper blend, which supposedly plumps skin whilst protecting against free radical damage. I’ve seen Hailey liberally apply this to add a glossy sheen to her toned décolletage and also to help treat an inflamed skin rash, so to say its multipurpose would be an understatement.

I immediately understand where it’s got its name from; it does look like I’ve poured oat milk directly into my palm. The milky texture felt like it immediately smoothed and plumped, while rescuing my hungover skin with its instant hit of hydration, all with zero tackiness. After a month of using, I’ll put my hands up and say it’s a great addition to my routine, especially if you aren’t already using a toner or essence. Juicy skin in a couple of mins? I’m sold.

The question is, is it as glow-giving as the Glazing Serum or as nourishing as the Barrier Cream? No. I’d put my money on those two if I had to budget. However, if you have oily skin that only needs a tiny bit of nourishment, this might be a better choice than going in with the hard-hitting Barrier Cream. Especially in summer time when skin is on the greasier side.

Rhode Skin Glazing Milk

Glazing Milk

Rhode Skin Peptide Glazing Fluid, £29

Let’s face it, we all came here for this. The whole range has revolved around this one product, dubbed “The Dewy Hydration Layer” by the brand. It involved a trio of ingredients which caught my eye: niacinamide, peptides and hyaluronic acid. It sounds like a winning team to me.

It also contains marula oil, which I was a bit nervous of. In the past, any oil coming in contact with my skin has resulted in a blooming patch of spots, but when I tell you this serum is lightweight, I’m not kidding around.

It’s water-like texture had me wondering if my skin was even soaking it in, but the glow it delivered was undeniable. I was so dewy, I probably could have camouflaged into a case of Krispy Kreme doughnuts without causing chaos in Tesco (well, almost).

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Here’s my bare face with the Glazing Fluid and Barrier Cream applied

It delivered a glow, without being greasy and didn’t feel like I was coating my combination skin in oil. Due to its lightweight feel, I tried layering it after my morning vitamin C serum and it worked a charm. With no pilling in sight. It was a team player with all the cocktail of serums I tried it with.

While I would happily use it on its own at night, I feel like the glow is somewhat wasted whilst I’m snoozing, so I began saving it for AM use only. At the same time, it doesn’t contain my top antioxidant, vitamin C, so I don’t feel like I could ditch my whole routine all together, but considering how well it layered with other products, it works as a great addition to my skincare arsenal.

Rhode Skin Peptide glazing fluid

Peptide glazing fluid

Rhode Skin Peptide glazing fluid

Rhode Skin Barrier Restore Cream, £29

This buttery cream was a dark horse for me. Amongst the hype for the Lip Treatment and the Glazing Fluid, this seemed to have been left out of the mix, but it’s actually my favourite product of the lot.

Described as a “rich recovery layer”, this features top hydrating ingredients: shea butter, squalane, peptides, niacinamide and açaí (to help in the antioxidant department). My god, did this leave my skin as soft as an Andrex puppy.

Again, I was surprised at how grease-free, yet hydrated my skin felt after using this, leaving my face with a healthy-looking glow. It also passed the pilling test and played well with both my SPF and foundation. It felt cooling on my rosacea-prone skin and didn’t cause any upset or sensitivity. A winner, if you ask me.

Rhode Skin Barrier restore cream

Barrier restore cream

Rhode Skin Barrier restore cream

Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment, £16

Aiming to give you pillowy-soft lips by morning, this blends shea butter and peptides, as well as babassu (a source of nourishing lauric acid) to help replenish and restore any chapped skin in sight.

It did a great job of hydrating my parched pout and left a glossy finish just shy of a Fenty Gloss Bomb (if you know, you know), making it a handbag staple for during the day. As for a nighttime replenisher, my lips were still left with some residue product when my morning alarm went off.

The scented options are quite pungent, so if you’re sensitive I would opt for the fragrance-free version, but otherwise, I’m just a little bit addicted to the watermelon flavour; it honestly tastes like watermelon Millions (again, if you know, you know).

Overall, a great option for a minimalist lip lover, that still looks after your lips, too.

Rhode Skin Peptide lip treatment

Peptide lip treatment

Rhode Skin Peptide lip treatment

As someone with serious celebrity brand fatigue, I was honestly shocked by how much I didn’t hate this line. I would definitely purchase every single one in the future. As I said before, my combination skin has never been this soft.

What I would say is the aim of the brand seems to be healthy skin – as shown in the peptide-rich formulas – so I think if you’re after anything specialised, this wouldn’t be the one.

Although none of it broke me out or sparked sensitivity (a win-win), I think if you’ve got an active acne situation, these wouldn’t necessarily be up for the job. There are better targeted products for that. But, if you have dry or combination skin, I think this minimalist routine (all of which are under £30) will really deliver the glass skin effect it promises.