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‘blizzflosser’ by chris martin flosses all tooth in about 14 seconds

uncovering the ‘blizzflosser’ by chris martin 


Next his radical ‘toothbrush-sponge,’ Chris Martin from Blizzbrush reveals but yet another revolutionary dental gadget dubbed the ‘Blizzflosser’. His customized-built, 3D-printed design helps floss all teeth at as soon as and in no time. As opposed to the manual strategy, which can take about 4 minutes to execute, the ‘Blizzflosser’ gets the job completed in about 14 seconds. Buyers simply chunk down on their tailored gadget, grind a tiny to anchor it, and get started steering with their jaws to clean up up the crevices.


The flosser is geared up with Blizzbrush’s reusable, washable, and soft tooth floss, slim enough to carefully glide into all interdental spaces and between teeth and gums with out a problem. 1 flosser can previous up to a few months and comes in a pack of five. It demands no energy and no batteries.






tailoring every single flosser centered on dental impressions 


Each and every ‘Blizzflosser’ is customized to the customer’s person interdental areas and denture geometry. To get these exceptional ‘prints’, Blizzbrush sends a double-sided tray with a distinctive paste to chunk down on, 5 mm deep, to get the impressions of one’s upper and reduce dentures. As soon as done, users are requested to acquire pictures of every effect and ship them to the firm. Primarily based on those images, the group can style and 3D print a tailor made flosser. ‘If you previously have a scan of your denture, we can use this instead. And if you already have impressions of your enamel, we can work with photos of these much too,’ explains Martin.


Biting into the flosses is super uncomplicated due to the fact they sit precisely around every person’s interdental areas. What also contribute to the successful system are the device’s unique style and design and the way jaws establish an evenly dispersed pressure. ‘Underneath tension, when biting into it, the special multi-floss deforms and gets skinny adequate to glide amongst all tooth easily. It is gentle adequate not to hurt gums but thick enough to thoroughly clean tooth surfaces flawlessly,’ he carries on.

3D-printed ‘Blizzflosser’ equipped with washable, resilient floss



the measures to utilizing the ‘blizzflosser’


Martin goes on to say that this dental machine completely replicates the handbook flossing approaches proposed by dentists. The ways to using the ‘Blizzflosser’ are basic. As shortly as users have bitten into the flosses, they begin by grinding left-ideal while also going their jaw backward-ahead this forces the strings to hook nicely into each individual interdental house. The future action is to grind backward and forward whilst also moving the jaw from still left to appropriate. The ultimate action is to bite down a little more though pushing the jaw still left-right and backward-ahead in a person movement.

revolutionary 3d printed toothflosser flosses all teeth at once in few seconds 2
distinctive views of the products

revolutionary 3d printed toothflosser flosses all teeth at once in few seconds 7
simulation exhibiting the impact-using and tailoring procedures

revolutionary 3d printed toothflosser flosses all teeth at once in few seconds 5
decreased jaw grinding and biting moves the floss cleaningly, particularly like encouraged handbook flossing does

revolutionary 3d printed toothflosser flosses all teeth at once in few seconds 4‘Blizzflosser’ designers can also perform with denture-scans or current images of impressions




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identify: Blizzflosser
structure: Chris Martin / Blizzbrush



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