June 24, 2024


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10 Most Shocking Food Addictions On My 600-Lb Life

My 600-lb Life has featured dozens of overweight individuals, some of whom have had the most bizarre obsessions with food. The hit TLC series has been popular since 2012 due to its interesting concept and relatable stories. From the outside, the show is about morbidly obese people who want to change their lives and become fit after consulting with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. But on a deeper level, My 600-lb Life is about relatable struggles and mind-blowing weight loss journeys with inspirational outcomes. However, not all cast members on the show have a predictable ending.

Over the past ten years, My 600-lb Life has showcased many stars who had shocking conclusions. One example is Dottie Perkins, who lost her 13-year-old son. Dottie’s journey on the show worsened due to her husband’s drinking habits, and she had a tough time transforming her life despite losing 149 pounds. The mother-daughter duo, Jennifer and Marissa Jess, had dual weight loss journeys on the show. While things seemed tense due to their health problems, the two supported each other, leading them to drop over 200 pounds each. Former stars like Justin Assanti even dropped out and never showed up for a second weigh-in.



10 Holly Hager Loved Having Greasy Meals

Holly Hager My 600-Lb Life Season 7

My 600-lb Life cast members’ eating habits greatly shock viewers. One example happened in season 7 in 2019, showcasing Holly Hager’s journey. During the show, the 38-year-old woman stunned fans by revealing that she had been overeating for years and was over 200 pounds at age 10. The former TLC star ate a diet suitable for around four people and had multiple meals daily. Holly ate a large feast of biscuits, gravy, sausage, and eggs in the morning and had fried chicken baskets soon after. She also had pretzels, onion rings, over eight hamburger patties, sticks of butter, and more.

9 Thederick Barnes’ Obsession With Junk Food

Thederick James My 600-Lb Life leaning back on pillow in bed

Thederick Barnes shocked viewers when he appeared in My 600-lb Life season 9 in 2020. During the season, the Florida native showcased extremely unhealthy food habits that included him eating ice cream sandwiches, fudge round pies, and strawberry shortcakes for breakfast. He also had multiple bags of Funyuns, nutty buddy, and sodas to kickstart his day. Thederick enjoyed his lunch, consisting of two large pizzas, fried chicken wings, and cheese bread. The young man drank large servings of sweet sodas directly from the family-size bottles. He also didn’t hesitate before gobbling junk foods such as Takis and M&Ms.

8 Chad Dean’s Unhealthy Love For Fried Food & Sodas

Chad Dean from My 600-Lb Life

Chad Dean was only 42 when he appeared on My 600-lb Life season 4 in 2016. At the time, the Maryland native was over 700 pounds and had one of the most shocking eating habits. Chad’s diet evolved from eating a family-size portion of cheesy hot dogs at age 5 to having large pizzas by 5th grade. In adulthood, Chad’s diet consisted of fried meat, bread, and bowls of potatoes. He also relied on drinking sodas, energy drinks, fried chips, candy, and more. Fortunately, Chad’s story ended on a good note, with him losing close to 300 pounds with the help of Dr. Now.

7 Steven Assanti Suffers Due To His Obsession With Pizza

steven assanti my 600 lb life almost bald wearing blue shirt CROPPED

Steven Assanti has to be one of the most notorious cast members. The Cranston native appeared in My 600-lb Life season 5 in 2017 and even shocked Dr. Now by weighing over 800 pounds. Steven admitted to being addicted to pizza, but ate various things throughout his day. His terrible habits landed him in the hospital due to leg infections. Despite that, he didn’t try to break his habits. Steven kept ordering more pizzas to his room, and blamed the staff for not halting the delivery man. His condition got so bad that he couldn’t climb the stairs at his dad’s home and had to live in his father’s SUV.

6 Robert Buchel Was Addicted To Painkillers

Robert Buchel My 600-Lb Life lying on white pillow in red top wearing glasses

Robert Buchel was 41 when he joined the cast of My 600-lb Life season 6 in 2018. The New Jersey man was 840 pounds at the time and had a very different addiction than other cast members. Apart from food, Robert dealt with a painkiller addiction that he picked up after being severely depressed. While he lost over 340 pounds and got the surgery, his addiction to pills didn’t stop, leading him to rip his stitches to score some painkillers. Unfortunately, Robert didn’t make it and passed away while filming the show.

5 Margaret Johnson’s Dad Was The Reason For Her Food Addiction

My 600-lb Life Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson is one of the newest cast members, as she joined My 600-lb Life season 10 in 2022. The 35-year-old Texas woman was over 750 pounds when she joined Dr. Now’s program and dealt with major food addiction with a BMI of 129. Margaret admitted that her obsession with consuming more began in childhood due to her overweight father, who was very abusive. She said, “My dad was a 1000 pounds.” Margaret revealed that she secretly ate her father’s food to get back at him. This habit soon became an addiction, leading her to sneak into the kitchen at night to consume an ungodly amount of food.

4 Mark Rutland Was Addicted To Waffles & Meat Wraps

Mark Rutland appeared on My 600-lb Life season 11 in 2023. The Florida native is the highest-weighing cast member of his season, debuting at 715 pounds. Mark’s journey on the show began when he was on the verge of becoming immobile and was living in his parents’ guest house. Some of his scenes showcased him eating huge portions of waffles for breakfast, alongside large amounts of cheesy meat wraps. He also seemed too much into grilled meat. Fortunately, Mark dropped a good amount of weight naturally after fighting his food addiction for months.

3 Nikki Webster Had A Sweet Tooth

Nikki Webster My 600-lb Life

Nikki Webster appeared in My 600-lb Life season 4 in 2016. The Arkansas woman was 33 when she debuted on the show and dealt with major food addiction that her parents enabled. Nikki struggled with binge-eating and couldn’t stop herself from eating unhealthy food. She ate huge portions of doughnuts and got everything she wanted to consume from her mom and dad. “I know I overeat, but food makes me happy,” Nikki said during the episode, showcasing her being stuck upstairs due to her weight and getting junk food items from her parents on a stair lift. She ate a lot, from milkshakes and soft drinks to huge portions of ice cream.

2 Penny Saeger Craved Fried Food

Penny Saeger My 600-lb Life wearing pink top in bed

Penny Saeger was 45 when she starred in My 600-lb Life season 2 in 2014. She was 530 pounds and wanted to turn her life around. Unfortunately, Penny’s habits wouldn’t let her do that, and she could only lose 36 pounds in 12 months. The Maryland woman had major behavioral issues on the show, alongside her food addiction. She would survive on unhealthy food items like chips, sodas, candies, and more. Some of the scenes even showcased her consuming fried food in the hospital and making a quick stop at a fast-food restaurant to have extra crispy chicken sandwiches.

1 Sarah Neeley Was Addicted To Alcohol

Sarah Neeley from My 600 Lb Life season 6 sitting on a black leather chair with a red blanket behind her

Sarah Neeley was 25 when she debuted in My 600-lb Life season 6, weighing over 642 pounds. The Ohio woman dealt with a shocking food addiction that started at the age of 3 and continued throughout her childhood, teens, and adult life. The 25-year-old woman revealed that she was 200 pounds at 8 years old, all due to her food addiction. Sarah was also addicted to alcohol, which played a big role in gaining weight. All things considered, the My 600-lb Life alum managed to control her obsession with food, dropped over 260 pounds, and became a mom.